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Our pharmacy is your trusted source of pharmaceutical services and products. We have what you are looking for.











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Working For Your Better Health


Take care of your health on time

Medication Therapy



We offer medication therapy management to help you get the best results from your medication.

Multi-Dose Pill 



With Our Program, you no longer have to bother. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will pre-package all of your medications for you.

Rx Concierge



We offer office delivery to our Rx Concierge clients. Contact Us for more information about how you join.




We over vaccinations to keep you happy and healthy. Contact us to learn about the right vaccines for you.




We offer home delivery to the nearby Manhattan area. Contact us for details or to schedule your home delivery.

Wheelchair Rentals


Whether you have limited mobility because of an injury or your age, you can find the wheelchair you need at our store. We have different types of wheelchairs for rent. You can surely find the one that is to your liking. Contact us to learn more.

Welcome to Neighborhood Pharmacy


We have been providing pharmacy services to residents of New York city with a commitment to quality care for years. We are a full service pharmacy that specializes in the needs of the specialty patient. Our goal is to provide our patients with convenient access to all pharmacy services including delivery throughout New York city. Our pharmacists are knowledgeable and available when ever needed for consultation.


Neighborhood Pharmacy is more than just a specialty pharmacy. At Neighborhood, we understand that your health is dependent upon our support, advice, dedication and clinical expertise. Neighborhood provides all of this and more. We strive to be a friendly neighborhood drugstore. Our knowledgeable, caring staff will work together to provide a superior pharmacy experience and provide services that help maintain your medication therapy.



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Set reminders to take your medication or when it's time to request a refill.

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Safely store your information and manage your lis of prescriptions.

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Request a refill with a single click and have it delivered to your door.

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